Campus Involvement

One of Delta Delta Delta’s primary purposes as a sorority is to develop “a stronger and more womanly character.” We believe that campus involvement plays a large role in helping our members to become well-rounded women. Nationally, and as a chapter, we encourage the value of developing leadership skills, as well as selfless dedication to the wellbeing of our campus.


Campus Activities Council is one opportunity for Tri Deltas to get involved in the campus community. Programs organized by the CAC include: Howdy Week, University Sing, Homecoming Reunion Week, Family Weekends, College Bowl, Scandals, High School Leadership Conference, and OU Dance Marathon. Many of our members choose to serve as CAC Vice Chairs and on executive councils. Consistently, Tri Deltas take leadership positions within the OU Dance Marathon team as we have a fond relationship with the Oklahoma Children's Hospital (whom we partner with for Art with a Heart).



Tri Delta is known for having well rounded, diverse woman who are active members within many different clubs and activities such as OU Women’s Lacrosse and Oklahoma Pom Squad. Serving our local Norman community and helping rebuild and restore the town we call home is an important value to the women of Tri Delta. We have members both on Big Event exec and Ops Staff and volunteer as a whole house every year to help serve Norman where we are needed.

Delta Delta Delta’s members can be found in prestigious positions around campus. Tri Delta is home to the 2019-2020 PLC Advisor, PCS members, PLC members, PE-ET members, Camp Crimson Orientation Guides, and many other leadership positions. Tri Delta has also been recognized to house Outstanding Freshmen, Outstanding Sophomores, Outstanding Juniors, Big Women on Campus, and members on the Letseizer Honor List. Overall, Tri Delta is represented in over 100 campus clubs and organizations.

We are proud to be a part of Delta Delta Delta’s commitment to maintaining a high standard of excellence through campus involvement and look forward to continuing this tradition in the future.